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Service Agreement

Service Agreement


Terms of Service

EZBuyCN fully owns and operates the registered user service. Our services provided must be strictly implemented in accordance with the service articles of association, service terms and operating rules issued by the company. Once the user registers, this indicates that the user has reached an agree ment with EZBuyCN and accepts all terms of service corresponding to the service.

Provision of Service data

EZBuyCN provides users with international purchasing services through the World Wide Web using supplied, or even gathered information from the service platform. The consignee's information provided by the user, and the user's personal email must be accurate. In case of any change to information, this should be submitted to our customer service in a timely manner. If information provided by users is inaccurate, our platform will not be able to provide effective services and have the right to unilaterally suspend the user's rights. EZBuyCN will also not disclose, sell or use email information improperly, and recklessly. This will only be used to aid actual needs EZBuyCN must provide during services.


Privacy Policy

EZBuyCN respects the privacy of users and considers it a fundamental principle of the company. This means that we will not alter or disclose the personal information of users to third parties, and we will safely store it in our secure web servers. Unless required by law or at the request of customers, we will adhere to this standard.


Service Rights

EZBuyCN reserves the right to modify or discontinue any service at any given time without notice to the user and without liability to the user or any third party.


Security, and user management

EZBuyCN is not responsible for the safekeeping of your login details for our website, take good care of these details and do not disclose it to any third party. Otherwise, you will be liable for all legal and monetary consequences arising from any event that occurs. Take good care of your details, and privacy is key. EZBuyCN has the right to change your username when it contains illegal or network sensitive terms. You will be legally responsible for all actions that occur with your username and password.


Exemptions from liability

EZBuyCN will do what is possible to make the products sold consistent with the description and pattern of the products published on the website. However, products can be affected by lightning, colour, and equipment differences when being checked. We can't guarantee that everything will be to your liking. This website does not endorse, or support the purchasing of counterfeit goods, prescription drugs, tobacco, lottery tickets, pornography, and DVDs. EZBuyCN will not be liable for seizures by any country's customs, we will try and solve issues together, otherwise it is entirely the loss of the consumer. Returns are only available for 7 days, or depending on the platform.


Prohibited acts

EZBuyCN cannot be used in violation of any law, regulation or decree. Our services should not be used in connection with transactions involving drug paraphernalia, narcotics, regulated drugs, tobacco products, illegal/ controlled articles, stolen goods . Products that attempt to incite hated , pornography, and items which can be considered racist are also banned. You cannot use EZBuyCN to build a pyramid scheme. We are not Temu. You cannot commit fraud on our platform, as well as use EZBuyCN as an offshore bank, you should con sult a professional regarding offshore banking. EZBuyCN reserves the right to stop the operations of any account that attempts to purchase these products.