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Service Terms

EzbuyCn Service Terms

Before registering as a user, please carefully read the EzbuyCn service terms and ensure that you fully understand them. Please carefully read and choose whether to accept or not to accept EzbuyCn's service terms, especially terms such as exemption or limitation of liability, applicable law, and dispute resolution. Unless you accept these terms of service, you have no right to register, log in, or use the Hu Mai service. Your registration, login, and use will be deemed as acceptance of EzbuyCn's Terms of Service and agreement to be bound by EzbuyCn's Terms of Service.


The EzbuyCn Service Terms stipulate the rights and obligations that EzbuyCn and you have with respect to EzbuyCn services ("Services"). EzbuyCn can comply with EzbuyCn's service terms. Once published and made public, the updated EzbuyCn service terms will replace the original terms without prior notice. You can check the latest version of the EzbuyCn Terms of Service on the EzbuyCn platform. We also suggest that you promptly understand the updated EzbuyCn service terms to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes. After the modification of EzbuyCn's service terms, if you do not accept the modified terms, please immediately stop using the services provided by EzbuyCn. Your continued use of EzbuyCn's services will be deemed as acceptance of the modified EzbuyCn service terms.


1. Scope of Application of Service Terms


The ownership and operation rights of the relevant registered user services belong to Abbywake LTD UK ("we"), with the registered address of ORTON SOUTHGATE SUITE 100 12 MANASTY RD

PETERBOROUGH UNITED KINGDOM PE2 6UP . The services provided must be executed in accordance with the service regulations, terms, and operating standards issued by EzbuyCn. It also represents that the relevant users have reached an agreement with EzbuyCn and accepted all of its service terms.



2. Information collection and use


When you use EzbuyCn's services, we may need to collect and use two types of your personal information:


In order to provide you with the basic functions of our services, you must authorize us to collect and use necessary information. If you refuse to provide the corresponding information, you will not be able to register, log in, or use our services normally;


In order to provide you with additional features of our services, you can individually choose to agree or disagree with the information we collect and use. If you refuse to provide it, you will not be able to use the relevant additional features or achieve the desired functional effects, and it will not affect your use of our basic functions.


We protect your right to know and choose during installation or use in accordance with the law. When using EzbuyCn services, any services that involve the functions provided by your device should obtain your consent in advance. After your confirmation, EzbuyCn has the right to enable necessary auxiliary functions such as collecting geographical locations, reading contacts, using cameras, and enabling recording services.


The collected and used information includes but is not limited to the user's name, contact information, and other basic information. The user agrees that the use of this information shall comply with the provisions of Article 3 "User Information Protection".


3. User Information Protection


We will not disclose or disclose your personal information to third parties unless:


1. Sharing necessary for fulfilling legal obligations;


2. Share with your consent;


4. User Rights and Obligations


1. You have the right to log in to the EzbuyCn website and view, correct, and supplement your personal information.


2. You have the right to contact online customer service to request the cancellation of your account. After you voluntarily cancel your account, we will stop providing services to you and delete or anonymize your personal information in accordance with applicable laws.


In certain business functions, we may only make decisions based on non-human automated decision-making mechanisms, including algorithms. If these decisions affect your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through customer service.


4. All information you provide to EzbuyCn should be true, accurate, and not misleading. You understand and agree that you have an obligation to maintain the authenticity and validity of the information provided.


5. You are not allowed to use your registered account or EzbuyCn services to create, upload, copy, publish, or disseminate content that interferes with the normal operation of EzbuyCn or infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties. EzbuyCn


6. You are not allowed to copy, copy, sell, resell, or use any part of EzbuyCn Services or the content used or obtained by EzbuyCn Services for any other commercial purposes.


7. You are fully responsible for the authenticity, legality, accuracy, and validity of any information transmitted through your EzbuyCn account or EzbuyCn service. Any legal responsibility related to any information you transmit shall be borne by you and shall not be related to EzbuyCn. You shall compensate EzbuyCn for any losses caused to EzbuyCn or any third party as a result, and EzbuyCn reserves the right to hold relevant users and users accountable.


8. You are responsible for the results of all actions under your account, including but not limited to signing various agreements online, publishing information, purchasing goods and services, and disclosing information.


5. Information storage


EzbuyCn does not set an upper limit on the amount of transmitted information. We have taken reasonable and feasible security measures that comply with industry standards to protect your information, prevent unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of personal information. In addition, please protect your personal information properly, only disclose it to others when necessary, and do not trust transactions through other trading tools to prevent information theft or even online fraud.


6. Exemption from Liability


1. The product information provided by EzbuyCn will be as authentic as possible. However, due to various factors such as the surrounding environment, shooting angles, and equipment differences during the product shooting process, we cannot guarantee that the product will always be authentic. Exactly the same.


EzbuyCn purchases specified products based on the platform specified by the user. If there is a shortage, price change, delayed delivery, discrepancy between actual products and website product information, abnormal products, or other uncontrollable factors on the platform you specified that prevent normal purchases from being completed, we will communicate with you in a timely manner. EzbuyCn is not responsible for any losses caused to you.


3. If the products purchased by EzbuyCn involve after-sales issues (such as out of stock, damage, defects, etc.), we will promptly handle them for you.


4. EzbuyCn shall not be liable for any losses or consequences caused by your active disclosure of EzbuyCn account or being attacked or defrauded by others. You should seek compensation from the infringer through judicial remedies or other means.


7. Prohibited behavior


You cannot use EzbuyCn services for the following activities:


(1) Behavior that violates laws, regulations, laws, or rules.


(2) Involving the following transactions:


(a) Anesthetics, steroids, certain controlled drugs, or other products that may endanger consumer safety;


(b) Drug paraphernalia;


(c) Cigarettes;


(d) Unauthorized cannabis or other psychoactive plants;


(e) Subscription based nutritional products, vitamins, supplements, herbs, and natural health products;


(f) Items that incite, induce, facilitate or guide others to engage in illegal activities;


(g) Stolen items, including digital and virtual items;


(h) Items that incite hatred, violence, racial or other forms of prejudice, or exploit criminal activities;


(i) Considered obscene; considered obscene;


(j) Items that infringe upon or violate any copyright, trademark, public or privacy, or any other proprietary rights under the laws of any jurisdiction;


(k) Certain pornographic materials or services;


(l) Ammunition, weapons, or certain weapon parts or accessories, or


(m) Certain weapons or knives subject to applicable law.


(3) Related to the following transactions:


(a) Displaying third-party personal information violates applicable laws;


(b) Support pyramid scams, Ponzi scams, matrix scams, other quick get rich scams, or certain multi-level offline scams;


(c) Transactions related to the purchase of annuities or lottery contracts, pre deposit purchase systems, offshore banking services, or credit card financing debt financing or refinancing transactions;


(d) Selling certain items before the seller controls or occupies them;


(e) Payment processors collect payments on behalf of merchants;


(f) Related to the sale of traveler's checks or bills of exchange;


(g) Involving currency exchange or check redemption business;


(h) Involving certain credit repair or debt settlement services, credit card transactions, or insurance activities, or


(i) Involving payment or acceptance of funds related to bribery or corruption.


(4) Involving the sale of products or services that have been identified by government agencies as potentially fraudulent.


You are legally responsible for your use of EzbuyCn services. You shall bear legal liability, including but not limited to compensation, for the infringed party. After the first administrative penalty or infringement damage caused by the user's behavior on Humai.com, you shall also pay equal compensation and other compensation to Humai.com. EzbuyCn suffered losses as a result.


8. Compensation liability


If EzbuyCn and/or its affiliated companies suffer losses due to your actions (including direct economic losses, loss of goodwill, and indirect economic losses such as compensation, settlement, lawyer fees, preservation insurance, legal fees, etc.), you and/or your affiliated companies shall compensate for all such losses.


If your actions result in EzbuyCn and/or its affiliated companies suffering from third-party claims (including but not limited to sellers on platforms such as Taobao and 1688), EzbuyCn and/or its affiliated companies may recover all losses from you. Undertake obligations such as paying money to third parties.


9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


1. This service agreement, as well as any separate agreements we provide to you, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK.

This website is owned and operated by ABBYWAKE LTD UK Address: ORTON SOUTHGATE SUITE 100 12 MANASTY RD PETERBOROUGH UNITED KINGDOM  Company Number 15764339


2. Any disputes related to your use of EzbuyCn services shall be resolved through negotiation between EzbuyCn and you. If negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the court with jurisdiction in the place where this clause is signed.