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Refund policy

What is 5-Day Return/Exchange Guarantee?

5-Day Return/Exchange Guarantee is a special after-sales service (including the service itself and the tech support) offered to customers by sellers on third-party platforms. Within 7 days after the product is signed (i.e. within 5 days after the product is stocked in the warehouse), the buyer can return/exchange the purchased product based on this rule and associated rules released by third-party platforms.

How to determine if the product is eligible for Return/Exchange Guarantee?

Products are either “Eligible” or “Ineligible” for the 5-Day Free Return/Exchange Service




After-Sales Service



Products of tailored designs

After receiving your request, we will negotiate with the seller for return/exchange, but the final result is subject to the seller’s decision.

Products whose packaging, tags, accessories have been removed upon user request

Clothes whose tags have been removed

Newspaper, periodicals

Subscripted books and periodicals

Second-hand products

Second-hand products

Products from outside the Chinese mainland

Products bought from overseas, Hong Kong and Macao regions


Underwear, socks, leggings

Adult products

Adult products

Others stipulated by the seller

Subject to seller rules


Biscuits, candies, etc.


No less than 15 books

Opened products that are required to meet “Special Standards” for return packing.

Sealed products, please refer to the attached table


When the product meets all of the following requirements:

1. is offered guaranteed returns by the seller;

2. is in a re-salable condition as required by the seller;

3. has been stocked in the warehouse for no more than 5 days.

For products with the free shipping offer, you will be responsible for the shipping fee when returning the product. For products without the free shipping offer, you will be responsible for both shipping fees when the sellers ship the product to our warehouse and when you return the product to the seller.

For return/exchange request submitted within 5 days after stock-in, we will proceed per standard procedure.

How to Request Return/Exchange Service

Within 5 days (starts at the next hour after the status changes to “Stocked in”, 5 days =120 hours) after the order status is changed to “Stocked in”, you can request return/exchange service on your page. The request might not be accepted after the time expires.


Unconditional return/exchange fee = Shipping cost to the seller + Shipping cost from the seller + Return/Exchange service fee

We will take 30Yuan for each parcel's return

Notes and FAQ


1. The refund/exchange total is based on the product price that you actually paid

2. We can only return/exchange the product for you when the seller agrees

3. Please make sure that there is enough balance in your account after requesting the return/exchange service so you can pay for the return shipping and service fee.

4. Please refer to the table below for the return packaging requirements of certain products. you will not be able to return/exchange the product when the requirement is not met.

Special Standards

Product Category

Special Standards

New Sneakers

Anti-theft clasp (if anyif any) and the anti-damage sticker has not been cut/removed, and are fully functional.

Detergent/ Tampon/ Paper/ Fragrance

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the personal care products must remain sealed.

Hair Care/ Wig

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the hair care products must remain sealed.

Skin Care/ Body Care/ Essential Oil

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products must remain sealed

Cosmetics/ Perfume/ Beauty Tools

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products must remain sealed

Digital Products/ Home Appliances (Excluding cameras and large home appliances)

1. The internet access permit is not damaged (destroyed).

2. There is no water damage.

Digital Camera/SLR Camera/Camera

The shutter of SLR cameras are not pressed more than 20 times.

Large Home Appliances

1. LCD TV and air conditioner: has not been installed to the wall. Simple debugging is allowed.

2. Washing machine: has not been used with water.

Models/ Anime Products/ Anime-Related Peripherals/ Cosplay Products/ Board Games

The tapes and plastic seals (when there is any) on products like models, figures, soldier figures, BJD cannot be removed.

Electronic Components

1. No welding operation.

2. The integrated circuits have never been installed on any IC base.

3. The one-time sealing packaging of consumables like thermal silicon grease/thermal paste, electronic glue/ encapsulating glue/ sealant/ adhesive, conductive glue, and conductive ink must remain sealed.

Level II Category “Game Software” under Level I Category "Video Game/ Accessories/ Games/ Game Guide "

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products must remain sealed

Pet Foods, Health Products, and Drugs under Level I Category "Pets/Pet Foods and Supplies"

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products must remain sealed

Books/ Magazines

1. The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products must remain sealed

2. There are no traces of folding, water stains, stains, ink, and traces left by reading on the product.

Level II Category "Animal Health Products/Veterinary Drugs" under Level I Category "Ranching/ Farm Products"

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products must remain sealed

The one-time sealing packaging (if any) of the products like food (including supplements), cosmetics, medical devices, contraceptives, personal care supplies, adult supplies, baby diapers, books, and audio-visual products must remain sealed.

“Sealed” refers to: The seals or the plastic wrap on the packaging of the product applied by the manufacturers.


1. What to do when there is an after-sales problem with an order that is ineligible for the “return/exchange guarantee”?

When there is a quality issue with the product, EZbuyCN will verify with the seller based on the actual situation. We will figure out the final solution and notify the user. If the product has no quality issue, the return/exchange service will be unavailable based on the rules from the third-party platform. EZbuyCN will try to communicate with the seller and protect the user’s rights.

2. Who will be responsible for the shipping fee when using the “ return/exchange guarantee”?

The product must be new and meet the resell requirement before requesting the return/exchange service. If the product has no quality issue, the user will be responsible for the shipping fees. If there is a quality issue with the problem, the seller will be responsible for the shipping fees after the user submits the request.

3. Will there be any charges if I request the return service when the order status is “not shipped”?

Don’t worry, in this case, there will be no charge. You will only be charged when the return/exchange request meets the three conditions: First, the product has no quality issues. Second, the product is already stocked in the warehouse. Third, you have used up the free returns/exchanges allowed for this month. So, when a product is not shipped yet, we will not charge you any fee.

4.Where can I check if I still have free returns/exchanges left for this month?

You can check your free returns/exchanges of the month on the return/exchange service request page. Go to “My Orders– Shopping Orders- Find the order you want to request the free return/exchange services for – Click Return/Exchange.

5.How does the system calculate the remaining free returns/exchanges?

The shopping agent will process your request after receiving your return/exchange request. When the order status shows “Return”, the system will deduct the times from your remaining free returns/exchanges. If you submit return requests for multiple orders at the same time, the remaining free services might not be updated on time due to the delay of the interface and the final result is subject to EZbuyCN’s record and billing.

6.If the seller offers free shipping and the shipping insurance, do I still need to pay for the shipping (seller shipped the product to you when you purchased the product) when returning a product?

For the shipping insurance, the compensation from the insurance company is determined by the rate of product return and our sourcing account has a high rate of product return. It is possible that the insurance company will decline the claim so the shipping insurance may not work. Also, for products with free shipping, the seller paid for the shipping when shipping the product to the warehouse, and you will have to pay the seller back if you request the return/exchange service. For that reason, you will pay for the two-way shipping fees when you request the return/exchange service.