2023/7/18 21:54:37

Second Packaged

You can store your purchased products in our warehouse, so that all the goods in your purchase list will be packed and shipped after they arrive at the warehouse.
Please note that we will not charge for secondary packaging and collection, and we will provide detailed package data and QC pictures after secondary packaging.
This can save you money for shipping international packages, you can contact us to ask for your secondary packaging needs, such as removal of shoeboxes, reinforcement, etc.
Our warehouse has a wide range of high-strength cartons in all sizes to ensure good protection for your packages.

Warm reminder:

An important basis for customs to judge civilian and commercial packages is the weight of the package and the number of a single item, more than 10KG is considered as a commercial package probability is relatively large; The excessive quantity of a single item is also one of the important basis for being regarded as a commercial package. Therefore, when you choose multiple items for mailing, we recommend that you consider the weight and quantity of the goods.