2023/7/18 21:54:39

Customs & Taxes

1. Risk warning:

After the goods are sent to our warehouse, we will recommend a less risky mailing method for you according to the attributes of the goods and logistics transportation experience.

Tips: For some products, there will inevitably be a certain customs risk (such as small probability of return, confiscation, tax, etc.), the risk will be borne by you, please understand.

2. Declaration related:

For purchased goods, please refer to the tariff threshold and logistics transportation experience of various countries, and make reasonable declaration (users can choose to declare the goods independently when submitting the package).

Tips: The probability of parcel tax depends on the frequency of customs random inspection and affected by policies, refer to the "national tariff threshold", for customs related risks (such as return, confiscation, tax, etc.) will be borne by you, please understand.

In addition, if the weight of your goods is large or the value of the goods is high, it will increase the probability of customs random inspection, and it is recommended that you try to avoid excessive packages or excessive quantities of similar goods.