2023/7/18 21:54:58

Insurance Service

Are you worried that your parcel will be damaged or lost during transit, or that it will be detained by customs inspection?
We provide you with additional insurance services, please note that some logistics routes insurance services will be provided by the corresponding operators, the amount of insurance can be insured and the final payment standard and other details will be marked in the details of the transport route. Please make sure that when choosing a shipping route, you have read the line's compensation criteria and prohibited products in detail.

We offer additional insurance for your package at a charge of 3% of the shipping cost. If your package is lost, we will reimburse the value of the item and the cost of shipping. Any amount exceeding the sum of the two values is not valid. This service becomes effective when your package is finally sent from our warehouse. We sincerely hope that each of your packages can reach your hands quickly and smoothly, but for some uncontrollable situations, we hope to provide our best service.

If you encounter an abnormal package delivery problem, the abnormal standard of international logistics is that after the logistics is updated to the Internet, it is not updated for more than 60 days, it may be judged as delayed or lost. If the service provider gives feedback, such as encountering special circumstances such as climate problems or local service provider strikes, the abnormal time is not counted. We can track your package, or you can check it at 17track. If your package has not been updated for more than 60 days, please contact us in time and we will help you seek technical support from your local operator.

If you find that your package is damaged after signing for it, please contact us in time and provide the picture of the package when you received the goods, we will help you to make a claim.

Please wait patiently if your parcel is inspected by customs. If your package does not contain prohibited items, it will be released normally after the inspection. If your package contains prohibited items and leads to detention, we will not be able to make a claim for your package, and we will even ask you for a fine. Therefore, when choosing a shipping route, be sure to read the route details carefully. We will also contact you before the package is sent out of the warehouse to ensure that you do not suffer unknown losses.

1. Lost/Damaged Insurance Disclaimer: Parcel lost/damage caused by the recipient, and the parcel is returned to the logistics provider’s overseas warehouse or destroyed by the logistics provider due to the recipient’s failure to sign for the parcel in time, are uncovered in the scope of lost/damage compensation.

2. Customs Seizure Insurance Disclaimer: Parcel confiscated caused by the recipient’s failure to cooperate with local customs clearance or tax payment, etc., are uncovered in the scope of customs seizure compensation.

3. Force Majeure: Including but not limited to war, natural disaster(earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, etc.), nuclear radiation, nuclear explosion, nuclear contamination, and other radioactive contamination.

4. Customers can not provide related proof.

5. Exceeding the application deadline(no inquiry or no compensation request after signed 7 days or shipped within 45 days ), or the parcel was delivered during the application time.

6. The parcel was stolen or missing for certain reasons after delivery.

7.   Products related to Non- Insurable categories, items in violation of the prohibition or restriction for delivery, confiscated by the customs or dealt with in accordance with relevant laws &regulations.

8. The parcel was damaged or lost due to the customers’ responsibility, deliberate actions, or the product itself a reason.

9. Other situations that can not apply for compensation.

Please note that the logistics status of all packages is subject to the corresponding tracking number update. If you encounter any problems, please contact us in time.

Mail: service@ezbuycn.com